I loved reading fiction, which fueled my imagination. Anyway, this book really introduced me to poetry as a child and it is one of my most cherished books. It holds those stories in my mind. I still have the copy my Mother gave me which was printed in 1938. Thank you for all your good work! And a Heaven in a Wild Flower It shaped me into liking vintage things and learning about them. On a different scale we see nature flowers and color throughout our lives and build those same unforgettable memories that will say with us for life as well. I loved all sorts of books as a child (and still do!). I had no books in the home as a child. Thanks for this interactive book. Now, that I learned a lot about her life, the paintings and her great love for flowers and nature of this outstanding woman , I can say , that she gave me so much inspiration for my own way of live and my passion for gardening as a grown-up person. Many were inspired by my own life, others by fellow creatives around me, like the The Beekeeper, The Artist, The Potter, and The Musician. I would walk through the field and the flowers would start to reflect their stories. As a child I really enjoyed the collections of choose your own stories. I think those books helped me to maintain a sense of wonder and intrigue about the world and a lightness as I grew up. Growing up I had a tree outside my kitchen window. Today I am an avid nature lover, artist, and flower farmer! A mushroom in the fold of a dress. As he talked about planes I though that was reasonable. Whenever I see rows of Cherry trees with their fluttering petals Im reminded of her White Way of Delight and my imagination is off and running, I loved choose your own adventure books growing up!! A couple years ago I dipped my toe into the world of flowers, and now they have cast their spell on me, and my life will never be quite the same again. Every year there was plenty of Cosmos. tanker boot. This book, along with other books on nature and wildlife have definitely played a part in my curiosity of the natural world and all of its beauty. My favorites was my dads collection of National Geographic Magazines. Hi. Congratulations on the new book ladies! Her storytelling stems from her own life and the real life characters in her family and friends make these books so endearing. There wasnt one specific genre, I just loved to learn and lose myself in the story of another world of characters. Find more near rhymes/false rhymes at B-Rhymes.com. I think my reading choices as a kid have helped shape me as an adult in the ways of learning our countries history and why we were involved in war. I loved her adventures and the fact she was always striving to make the world more beautiful. Floral and lovely, with tiny animals and all things nature, this book, is more than likely how I have come to Adore the natural elements, that make up our world. The photos are out of this world. And now when Im working on my bit of earth, I think of my childhood friend Mary, and the robin, and I smile. Its interesting to think that some of the inspiration for what Im trying to achieve with this place visually comes from those books. I love my flower garden and invite all the creatures great and small to enjoy it as much as I do.. count me grateful, living in amongst the flowers! The book reflects my love of animalsand specifically dogs. Give them food that is nutritious and tasty. As a child I LOVED books that were set away from cities. My favorite books seem to have been those with strong female characters doing things outside! I just couldnt get enough of it. I loved the Richard Scarry Best [fill in the blank] Book Ever books. My love for reading and experiencing the power of words influenced me to become an English/Reading teacher. Your book looks beautiful. My garden has been very focused on food production, and there is very little romance in it. Every two weeks, we went to the library on the same day. I felt like a kindred spirit. 5. The storybook I was most fascinated with as a child was called, A New Coat for Anna. The book belonged to my grandparents, and my grandma must have had it almost memorized, considering how many times I would ask her to read it to me! Loved reading mysteries and still do. They were books about kids reading books, going on adventures, and solving problems! I was a flower farmer in Vermont, retired to North Carolina, and miss it terribly! I loved the babysitters club series! I was transfixed and horrified by various scenes in the book. As a child my mother more often pushed us outside to play with our own imagination. My favorite childhood book was The Farthest Away Mountain by Lynn Reid Banks. With the help of my husband we took first place on our design, so much fun. I was the fifth of sixth children and still felt like I was so special because she made the time to read with me. I read all the Nancy Drew books when I was young and loved each one. He smelled so good! But the first book to deeply touch my heart was,The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek by Evelyn Sibley Lampman. So go ahead and make yourself a salad today! I still have my original copies with well-worn creases from childhood. #greek #salad #naxos #dairy" Crockets Indoor garden was my favorite book to look at with my dad when I was a kid. food that rhymes with alexis food that rhymes with alexis. And I will have beautiful flowers. My favorite books started out by authors like Madeleine LEngle and C.S. Rhymes with 'FOOD' Can you name the one-syllable English words that rhyme with 'food'? As a child, I was fascinated with Anne Frank. Hands down some of my favorite books as a child were the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingles Wilder. These days, Im sharing the stories with my grandchildren and they always ask for just one more! . Books set in farms were especially a favorite. I imagined the small animals holed up in their dens, the countrysides, the farms and the colorful cast of characters both animals and humans. Anything that combined a great story with beautiful illustrations charmed me. food that rhymes with alexis When I was a child my favorite book was Charlottes Web. When, on the red dawn throning, I grew up loving everything about the land and the beauty it encompassed. I loved Chicken Soup with Rice, the Adventures of Pipi Longstocking, One Morning in Maine, Encyclopedia Brown, and Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates. Many hours as a young child were spent perusing seed catalogs and How-to books. I think reading those books with a strong female protagonist helped me to become the happy, independent woman I am today. I also loved the waiting time in my pediatricians office looking at the Highlights magazine, especially the Seek & Find puzzles! Thank your for all of the wonderful teaching you do through your work. As I turned into a teen it was more fantasy and memoirs which is a weird combination. Definitely one of my all time favorites. The book sounds absolutely delightful. As a typical 90s kid, I could not get enough of The Babysitters Club books or the Goosebumps series. I studied those images for hours and I know that they inspired me to love art and to embark on a watercolour painting journey and to find magic in story and nature. Isnt that the life of a dreamer? I felt the pain of what is written there about friendship and love. Always loved anything that had to do with crafting (in all its forms)or should I say anything creative I still own a large collection of those books today, and I have passed the love on to my daughter who is now 11. This book looks dreamy!! I also loved reading my moms cookbooks and gardening books, and absorbing as much information and inspiration as possible, including the Latin names of plants and flowers, and the care and attention required to become a grower of vegetables and flowers, and the techniques of grafting and espalier, etc. To this day I can lose entire days to amazing books by brilliant authors and creators, and I have realized that while I cant do everything, I can experience a lot through other peoples fascinating lives and pursuits. We were always reading the Newberry award winners. Ive now just finished writing a childrens book Zaras Zany Worms @zaraszanyworms featuring my sweet niece Zara! I recently updated this books list with even more books about food! My family is from Michigan and Wisconsin so it felt like it was so close to home. Im still a dreamer as an adult. My favorite books were Enid Blytons The Magic Faraway Tree and the Enchanted Wood. Im sure that explains my penchant for dreaming up new adventures in travel and creativity. Now, as an adult, I have adopted my own ex-racehorse and am greatly enjoying our evolving partnership. I definitely agree with Zo, I loved seek and find books as a child as well. The Secret Garden has all in all, encouraged the true inner child in me to grow and thrive most particularly when outside, around the trees and skies and flowers. I enjoyed the Trixie Beldon books and anything off the William Allen White reading list each year. To help them live a long and healthy life! One by one, the books arrived in our mailbox and I loved every one of them. I am always looking for a surprise in my garden and figuring out what is it and how long ago I planted it. My favorite of all time is The Secret Garden. To my sadness I respond my parents never gave me books in my childhood. Some of them (looking back now) were kind of scary but I loved them all the same. She was a nurse and I enjoyed how she cared for patients/ families and the various roles she was involved in. Full of history and magic. Hello, what beautiful work! The book showed me to be gentle, the power of the touch of a hand can be everything to someone. Books were gateways into another persons world for me. Whenever I felt lost or confused as to what direction to take because of the pressures I felt from adults I always remembered timshel and the translation of thou mayest. Zoes farm sounds amazing and so glad everyone is safe. Its such a joyous, playful book and it was fun to spy some Floret seed packages woven into a few of your stunning imageswe appreciate the love! My mother was really great at choosing books that were age appropriate and may contain tidbits to store away for life in general. I think I read almost all of the biographies in our school library! I was always enchanted with Barbara Helen Bergers When The Sun Rose, beautiful warm illustrations that follow an afternoon play date of best friends. Zoes book looks magical! I enjoyed biographies which helped inspire me to become the person that I have. Billy Possum, Reddy Fox, and Peter Cottontail. Thank you so much for being so generous with your knowledge, seeds, resources and beautiful flower world. The books shaped my view of history and self sufficiency. Bob Matthews is a renowned rose breeder here, and his plants are always the healthiest in our block. It was published in 1957. This book looks absolutely stunning. Old English nursery rhyme about making tea. I read everything I could get my hands on as a child. Do you have difficulty getting these unique varieties since you live in a more remote location? It has kept me searching for that little special thing everywhere. Ham/jeans? The clever rhyming cadence combined with the main character being a postman visiting familiar fairytale characters makes for an entertaining read. My mom let me have a little corner area of the yard as my personal garden! i will buy this book at the wairoa shop,definitely I loved all kinds of books but especially mysteries like Nancy Drew, the Bobbsey Twins, and the Boxcar Children. Professional books, horticulture, YA, fantasy, graphic novels, literature etc. how much does an ambulance weigh; pisces sun scorpio moon personality; liuna annuity withdrawal; mercy lewis role in the crucible; A series of fortunate events July 20, 2020. I was 6 at the time. I still have to reference those thoughts and beliefs daily now that were farming. As a child and an adult I am not a big reader but I love beautiful picture books. Congratulations, Zo! I also grew up on Anne of Green Gables. Oh my heart What an amazingly, beautiful book! Of these, Beatrix Potters Peter Rabbit was one that I read over and over again wondering what chamomile looked like and its healing properties as a tea. I loved to read Fairy Tales when I was very young; as an adult now, I tend to be an optimist, and am always open to the influence of something magical to enter my life! As a child one of my favorite books was The Story of Ferdinand, about a little bull who refused to fight like the other bulls and preferred to sit in a field and smell the flowers. And I still LOVE to read. The main character is a mouse named Chrysanthemum, and its about embracing your own uniqueness. All of these books have strong young female protagonists that love nature, love learning and creating and best of all, adventuring. I loved Charlottes Web, finding true friendship and acceptance with beings who are very different from you. I give my bouquets to friends and relatives in honor of her. I still have some of them. Yes, as a child I loved seek-and-find books. The stories of finding a wounded bird and helping it recover, or a child working with a dog who was scared and bringing him around to a friendly, outgoing pup, spoke to me. Pop your plate on the tray. The Hardy Boys series by Franklin Dixon Third or Fourth grade teacher read some every day, and thrilled the class ending just before the chapters would complete giving the clues to the mystery..still remember hearing them in class, and then reading at home. Probably the first book I read was the Secret Garden, but I loved the imagination behind James and the Giant Peach. This gave me hope as a young child that I would have a different story than my parents. Its pretty cool that a book published 66 years ago, that also contains writings from WAY earlier than that, is still pretty relevant today. I couldnt wait to go to the library to rent the next copy! The books sparked so much imagination and my sisters and I enjoyed the characters and the Tree changing its blossoms and all the things it grew! I also have many flower books that I sit and peruse with my grandchildren and this one would just amp up the fun wed have exploring flowers together. Think it was the garden gang? My favorite book as a child was The Velveteen Rabbit. I passed my books along to my nieces years later, and will share them with my granddaughters when theyre just a little older. I mean here it is the name of our flower farm and I go back to the foundation of that book many a time! As a child I loved reading mysteries and still do today. My older sister gave me books to read or read them to me and my Grandmother would sit and read as many books to me as I wanted! Animalia by Graeme Base: artful, full of surprises and wonder for the animal world. My favorite book as a child was, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. These we read aloud and we enjoyed all the lessons of character and self-sustainability! For a chance to win, simply post a comment below telling us what type of book you were most interested in as a child and how its helped shape who you are as an adult. Set in a land so far away the only way to access it was through your imagination. Lots of pretty flowers in the artwork of a funny little story. Stories of people near and far, fictional and real. When I was a kid, I didnt read much and didnt have many books. It the sense of wonder it instilled in me that I still remember. Still love finding new authors to read and puzzles mull over. I was an outdoor girl and spent hours in the woods and along our pond with my dogs. As a child I loved adventurous stories of children in Nature the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, Hatchet, Julie of the Wolves, Island of the Blue Dolphins. Somehow, realizing the infinity of space and therefore endless possibilities out there, allows me to appreciate the beauty and intricate details of a petal, a grain of sand, or the bark of a tree. My favorite book when I was little was The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators. It influenced me to learn about and honor other times, other cultures, other stories and the enduring human desire to surround yourself with beauty. As an adult and teacher, Ive loved childrens picture books. 3. But when I was 20, we went to Chincoteague and I stood out on the beach at 4 a.m. to get a good spot to watch the ponies swim. I get lost in it and then I go into my garden and dote on my flowers. One favorite I remember very clearly was The Quiltmakers Gift because it was so beautifully illustrated and a wonderful story. Readers Digest from the neighbors, second hand paperbacks even the newspaper. It has totally become a big part of who I am today. My favorite was Addy. Cyclone Gabrielle hit our region last week causing devastation to the Hawkes Bay, East Coast, and Northland regions of New Zealand. And also to you Erin, for your successful business that make a lot of people happy. Many of the seeds were from Erin Florets: nicotiana Tinkerbell and the coral Amarenth were stellar in my bouquets. Gardening provides another kind of transformative experience. In third grade a teachers aid read us THE SECRET GARDEN after recess while we rested our heads on the desk. Thanks for the opportunity! My grandma would bring me books from yard sales, I would get books at the library, and when I was lucky I would get to go to the bookstore at the mall (those are long gone now). What a beautiful book, and lovely interview. Now in my 60s I finally have my creative life. I have always loved learning about the natural world. 5. As a child, my favorite book was Charlottes Web. I believe I owe that to the books Ive read, their writers and the simple fact of reading itself. So many hours were joyfully spent lost in those pages with Laura on her many adventures in the fledgling frontier. I soared in my dreams, in my imagination and through books. I think they helped me learn problem solving, to persevere, and a desire for adventure. It has become my way and now I earn a living being a gardener. I loved a book called Oh say can you seed! By Dr Suess. My love for reading has continued as an adult and has helped me adopt the philosophy in life that our own stories matter. The books are illustrated so beautifully and the adventures are often a bit dark and mysterious but always end happily. That was a revelation. Where the sidewalk Ends was a great warning about adulthood- where to draw the line. Little hands offering joyous bouquets to preschool teachers. When I was young I liked my Bible story books. I related to the uncomplicated sweetness of the story and the first tastes of freedom going off into a row in the patch to either feast on berries or to try to fill my bucket. Looking forward to Lost and Found and maybe next trip will visit with Ze. My father was my 3rd grade teacher and my mother was a readaholic. Seeing how unfamiliar things can be tied together. I loved reading Nancy Drew books and series of books by Og Mandino. I was a massive Anne of Green Gables fan growing up anything that LM Montgomery wrote, I read it. I loved fairy tales. I was drawn to the beautiful illustrations and the sweet fun story of a boy who lost his mitten in the snow and these woodland creatures who find it and all start to pile in to the freshly knitted mitten. The concept of a secret garden always intrigued me. It had many photographs of insects, mammals and birds that used mimicry as a defense mechanism. Now as a senior adult volunteering in a special garden in our city I am always learning & transfixed by the other volunteers flower arrangements, sold to supplement our gardens desire for the next must have for an arrangement ! iPhone; Android; FAQ; Blog; Near rhymes with Daisy Word Pronunciation Score ? I think all things are so much more fun when you collaborate, its the perfect recipe for ideas to flow. I lived on a farm and I spent most of my time out doors and with my horses. :-). Things of nature. Have always loved books. Thanks for expanding my flower world. I read it in 4th grade with my class and we all were amazed at his perseverance for survival and hardship. The Secret Garden. Fingers crossed for winning your beautiful book. In short we all are given the option to choose our path and the direction we take with our lives. Will look for Zes book in Gisbourne ( NZ) tomorrow. When I was in middle School it was the Hobbit. Perseverance is important with gardening too! I of course love that the main character is a whimsical little mouse named after a beautiful flower. A lasting friendship between two unlikely playmates reminds me that anything is possible and there is a Greater Being in control. Even though life had its difficulties during those time periods, the simplicity and beauty that surrounded the characters was heart warming. It was such a simple time. As a child I was interested in history books. When we went to the beach, I would spend hours picking up seashells and then I would go and buy books so that I could identify them and make a display. Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. And who could resist those books where you had to look for something! Fairy tales and allegories! Im glad that these days the wonder and magic is often (but not often enough) centered around these cultures, so that hopefully todays readers have a better understanding of the true history alongside the wonder. I had a passion for reading fashion magazines while I was growing up on the family farm in Montana. Im a Fairy tales reader! As an adult, I still like solving puzzles, and at my accounting job, I feel like the numbers present me with puzzles I get to solve all the time. I loved how the children were so clever and could survive out in the woods. I loved the magical world of Narnia and learned the importance of friendship, courage, persistence and following ones dreams. touching tribute. My favorite book as a child was The Fourteen Bears of Summer and Winter. Thank you so very much for this interview! I remember sitting on the floor in my underwear flipping through the pages before I could read any of the text. Settings. As a child, I loved this book called Pickles the Cat. (This admission may be dating me !) My favorite books as a child were softly adventurous ones like The Secret Garden and The Door in the Wall. Wherever I travel in the world, flowers befriend me. As a child, the best part to me was when she meets the talking flowers. As a child I did not have books. Anyway, my favorite book as a child was by Virginia Lee Burton called The Little House. It was the strength of that momma rabbit. The houses in the tree stumps are amazing! A friend has decided that the gaudy ones are the most fun. My parents gave me books for every birthday and at Christmas. That is a hard question for me as a lover of books since a very young age. who played bonnie blue butler as a baby,
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